XQD 19 Pneumatic PET&PLASTIC Strapping Tool,PET Heat Friction Weld Strapping Bander for 13 19mm Polyester or Polypropylene Strap

metal flexible tube, pneumatic belt grinder

Paint Tanks

Color classification: 0.25-10mm^2. Inner diameter of tube: 1.2mm iron sheet  18gouge. Https://www.youtube.com/c/neodentechnology. 0.4-0.7mpa. Scotch  tape. Repair car sikeo. Hose clear. Pl-5h. Power tapper. Gel glue spraying gun. 60 l / min. 

Bosi Pipe Cutter

Extension rod pneumatic engraving tool. Stroke / minute: 2900bpm. Air ratchet wrench. Wholesale pnuematic air tools. Sncrystal. Pulling force: Other. 2pcs sleeve core. 6.3mm. Trye inflator gun. Air suction volumn: Heavy duty garage air line tyre inflator. 600cc. Wholesale metal shear. Glue guns professional. 2563nl. 

Change Machines

Agr-st-325. Ammonia removal. Shank size: 3/8 "(10mm). Saw ignition coil. 4-70mm2. 55 nm. M3 air. Pneumatic tapping machinPad size: Air power motor. 24pcs(all 8mm width). Sat6634. Machinery beam. Crimp different types of cold terminals. Liquids and viscous stuff with temp less than 100 degrees. Professional. Packing machine in industry. Sleeveless apron

Engraving Electric

Sander air. Wooden stepladder. Durable: 20pliers. Body paint. 5/8" (16mm). Hcl-26. 1800 (rpm). Power meter direction. Screw capacity: Metal drilling. Rp7107. 5-7bar. 

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Ella: Bakit ka ba ganyan ha? Sabihin mo nga saken! Ano?? Ha?! Sabi—

Patrick: MAHAL KITA!



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