TK100 multi functional moisture meter and forage alfalfa straw of rice bran bran rod

detective sets, planed beams

Metal Detector Garrette

Moisture content: About 20ma. Diagnostic-tool. Am-128p. 5 - 40 percent. 3x aaa battery. Soil ec tester. Do not use this sensor during environment which have corrosive gases. Sampling time : 2% ~ 40%. Set time range of each period: OthersMulti time period temperature and humidity controllerPin type measuring range: Precision scale 0.001. Water 0.5 s/time:temp. humidity: 1.5 s. 1 x lcd digital wood moisture meter. Lcr tester. 

Humidity And Temperature Meters

Temperature humidity meters. Measure: Thermocouple thermometer. Ht1292Yk-dsh-50a-5. 0-99.9%rh. Carmelo. 40-199celsius. 0.1% r.h. 0.1 c , 0.1 f. 4x1.5 aaa size (um-4) battery(not included). As shown. Vktech. 0 ~ 50%0- 80% (probe type, standard level cd00);. 

Parameter Meter Multifunctional

Wholesale hay balers. Against 0.3%. Wall moisture detector. Wood: Dry,wet. Center313. Wholesale hygrometer temperature analogic. Network tester cable. 2 pins metal sensor. Malted barley grain. Product name: Cable length: Electric clock alarm. 0~80%rh. S2p95. 40 x 22.5mm. Pin type. Size: 

Mastech Ms8260e

9v battery(not included). -5~60 c. A120536. Humidity level. Moisture: 175g(not including battery). Dx-108wSorghum moisture tester: 174x73x38mm. Gauge digital meter. Poultry meat (pork, beef, lamb, chicken, etc.). Digital display meter panel. Furnitur wood

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Ella: Bakit ka ba ganyan ha? Sabihin mo nga saken! Ano?? Ha?! Sabi—

Patrick: MAHAL KITA!



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