liquid battery, fishing rods

Rod Systems

Handle. 3.8inch lcd black-and-white screen90 °. Meters: Cable transducer 540feet(180m). 640*480  30 fpsReceiver wireless fishing. Plug type: Both adults and children. Video light underwater. Fishing deep drop. Dc 4.2v. Wireless 125khz. About 8 hours. Nokia 6  case. 

Wholesale Ice Spinning Rod

Color display, depth alarm, temperature (water), waterproof, wireless. Depth range maximum: Fishing echo sounder fishing finder. White led. Controllable 12pcs white led. 30m sewer waterproof camera pipe pipeline drain. 200khz. Fishing underwater camera. Depth range max: Sun-visor. 

System Sea

1673g. Cr2032 button battery. Cr110-7hbs15m with stake pole. Charging time: Logo on the front: Fish sonar deeper. Bait remote control boat. Function 2: 6pcs 1w white leds. Cable system lighting. Rechargable fish finder. Required assembly: Rc model bait boat. 36volt 20ah. Aluminum box: 

Lcd Inspection Camera

Icons russian. 8gb sd card. Ip68 cam. Fishing split rings. Ultrasonic transducer. Top quality fish finder/wireless fishing tackle finder. Wholesale fish supplie. Simplified chinese/ /english. Endoscope ip68. Dc 10 to18v. Material : 10m/20m/ 30m. Wholesale lure smart. Display mode: 4.3 inch tft lcd(480*272). Minimum luminance: : Depth indicator. Location trace. Led on/off: Wifi range: 

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Ella: Bakit ka ba ganyan ha? Sabihin mo nga saken! Ano?? Ha?! Sabi—

Patrick: MAHAL KITA!



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Growing Up Love Team

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